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DJ Concept
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DJ Concept - Sonidos Para Tu Alma
DJ Concept - This Glorious Nightmare
DJ Concept - Heavy Smoke (Deluxe Version)
DJ Concept - Flight Patterns
DJ Concept - m99
Heavy Smoke


DJ Concept is a DJ & producer from Long Island, New York. He is the co-founder of The Bash Brothers DJ Crew along with DJ Mickey Knox. Concept is well known for his creative use of obscure samples in his mixtapes. He gained a loyal fanbase through his nationwide hip hop show, The Mix Chronicles, on Sirius Satellite Radio. He has been DJing for 15+ years and brings much hip hop knowledge to the table. As a true crate digger and vinyl fanatic he has learned about so many different styles of music. You might catch him listening to hip hop one minute, jazz the next & metal right after. Good music is good music.Growing up in the golden era, he knew that taking DJing and music to a higher level was what he wanted to accomplish.Between 2001 & 2007, Concept linked up with producer/mc Undefined to for the group Crisis Center. They put out 2 records: Volume 1 & Version 2.0 & won a best rap duo award at The Underground Music Awards in NYC. As DJ for the group, Concept was extra focused on DJing and gained himself a spot as a mixshow DJ on Sirius Satellite Radio. Along with DJ Mickey Knox, they were on the air for over 5 years until Sirius & XM merged, and their show was lost in the shuffle.

Still creating tons of mixtapes, Concept then decided to take his production game to the next level. Instead of jumping right in, he decided to work on his craft first.  The first album he released was The BYOB LP with DJ Mickey Knox. The album featured guest appearances from Chaundon, Little Vic, Illa Ghee, Kaleber, Typ Ill, Big Noyd, Dolo and The Day Laborers. Production duties were handled by Sickness, DJ Supa Dave, DJ Skizz, Little Vic, DJ JS-1 & DJ Concept himself.

Thirsty for more, he decided to create a conceptual album, Heavy Smoke, based around one of America’s favorite pastimes. The album features Famoso, Koncept, Rap P, The Day Laborers, Chaundon, Joe Scudda, AC, Nutso, L.I.F.E. Long, Gab Gotcha, The Kid Daytona, Nature, T.Shirt & JR Mint. The project officially launched in Amsterdam in May of 2011. Limited edition CDs were available only in Amsterdam at the time of release.

His next release was a themed beat tape based around the score music of the popular television show Dexter. Concept’s M99 is a dark journey through the mind of a serial killer.

Next up: Flight Patterns. A beat tape completely made on one flight from NY to LA.

And now the deluxe version of the Heavy Smoke is AVAILABLE HERE.

Currently Concept is working on a number of collaborative albums, new beat tapes, random joints & mixtapes.

2012 – Sonidos Para Tu Alma (Beat Tape)
2012 – This Glorious Nightmare (With The Nezitiq Mute)
2012 – Heavy Smoke (Deluxe Version)
2012 – Flight Patterns (Beat Tape)
2011 – M99: Dexter Beat Tape
2011 – Heavy Smoke
2010 – The BYOB LP (With DJ Mickey Knox)
2010 – The BYOB EP (With DJ Mickey Knox)
Crisis Center – Version 2.0 (12″)
Crisis Center – Volume 1 (12″)

Full List Here

2013 – The Day Laborers f. Homeboy Sandman & P. So – Pretzel Chips [DJ Concept Remix] (Off The Pretzel Chips EP)
2012 – Industry Morgues f. Tools & Famoso
2012 – Fatal Attraction Remix f. Thad Reid, Jon Hope, & 6th Sense (Off All For The Love)
2012 – Nutso f. Starvin B, AG Da Coroner, Shaz IllYork, Blacastan and Spit Gemz (Off “Behind These Bars”)
2012 – Hi-Q – Fuck Gameboy (Off “The Bad Robot”)
2012 – Next Thrill f. Peter Leo, The Kid Daytona, Little Vic & AC (Off Opportunity Knox: Volume 1)
2012 – DJ Concept – “Sonidos Para Tu Alma” [Entirely Produced By DJ Concept]
2012 – The Nezitiq Mute – “This Glorious Nightmare” [Entirely Produced By DJ Concept]
2012 – Various Artists – “Heavy Smoke (Deluxe Version)” [Entirely Produced By DJ Concept]
2012 – DJ Concept – “Flight Patterns” [Entirely Produced By DJ Concept]
2012 – Typ Ill – “Intro To Concept” & “Reincarnated” (Off Now Or Never)
2011 – Wais P – “So Bad”
2011 – DJ Concept – ” M99: Dexter Beat Tape [Entirely Produced By DJ Concept]”
2011 – DJ Concept f. Shabaam Sahdeeq, El Gant, FaMo$o, Nutso, FT, Bekay, Dov, Flo, 151 Proof & Climax – “Southpaw Cypher”
2011 – The Day Laborers f. Bridgette Angelique – “Journey To The Sky (Off The Blast Off EP)”
2011 – Various Artists – “Heavy Smoke” [Entirely Produced By DJ Concept]
2011 – AC – “Charlie Sheen [The Tiger Blood Remix]”
2010 – Kaleber – “Sundown [DJ Concept Remix]” (Off The BYOB LP)
2009 – Famoso – “At Odds”
2007 – Kaleber – “Hood Stripes Pt. 2” (Off the album The Anomaly)


DJ Concept – Flight Patterns Teaser from Frank DeMaria on Vimeo.